We know the feeling. You spend hours searching for the dream guitar and you either waste time or money. And even if you stumble upon something interesting, you're not entirely sure if it's any good.

With a lot of experience in second-hand guitar market, we're able to help you finding your dream guitar. Write to use with the following information:

  • Brand and model
  • Preferred colors
  • Years of making*
  • Pickup configuration*
  • Type of bridge*

and let us come back to you with worthy propositions. We guarantee only verified, well-maintained instruments in reasonable prices, to achieve the final goal of you having the guitar of your dreams.

* - optional, if you have any requirements regarding those


Our personal favourites, brands we are proud to represent. These makers represent the absolute best of their worlds and never compromise quality.
James Tyler Guitars

James Tyler Guitars are built using state-of-the-art technology including computerized milling machines, laser machines, 3d modeling stations, and aerospace engineering to ensure utmost quality and precision in each product that is made

JTG website
Tom's Vintage Straps

Vintage Inspired Guitar/Bass Straps. New Old Stock Materials. Handmade in France.

Tom's Vintage Straps website
Rombo Guitar Picks

Rethinking the idea of a guitar pick.

Premium guitar picks, combining the finest materials and design, with the most advanced technology to improve your playing experience.

Rombo Guitar Picks website
Mojo Cables

Extraordinarily high quality instrument cables, handmade in God's own country. Every single cable is meticulously built and tested to ensure it can withstand the high demands of a modern musician.

Mojo Cables Website